Impromptu Science: Entomology

Sometimes a good Science lesson just seems to fall into your lap or neighbor’s yard. I hear mom’s complain about the mess of Science experiments. I know some are worried if they are studying enough or the right stuff. Well, today we got to view two very special species of insects: cicada and praying mantis.


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{Insta Friday} Summer Is Still Here August 1-15

I recently joined Instagram and am amazed how little time it takes to share images with the world. I dug my feet in for a long while trying NOT to join but once I found the Instagram app on my hubby’s phone that did it! I joined Instagram and the rest is history.

Summer August 1-15

I love how I can dual post to Facebook as well and save me time sharing some fun stuff. Now for all of you who aren’t on Instagram or Facebook here are some pics that I could have shared there but chose to share with my loyal readers instead! Here’s a recap of the first half of August. So these pics are all in Instagram style (square 600×600) from August 1 -15. Hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to IRL (in real life!)

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Breastfeeding Testimonial: 17 months and Going Strong

I was a formula fed baby, not even a single drop of breast milk was put into my system. I grew up giving my dolls bottles filled with baby powder and water to look like formula. All the babies that I was ever around were formula fed, except my two youngest nieces. My sister in law nursed each of them for about 6 weeks, but it was never spoken about and always done in private. Breastfeeding might as well have been a different language to me considering how “normal” formula was for my family. I always figured when I was to become pregnant I would buy the cutest print bottles I could possibly find and likely use soy formula with my own children like I was given as an infant. But when I found out I was pregnant in 2012 something from within me decided my child would be fed differently than I was.

breastfeeding 17 months

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