{Insta Friday} Summer Is Still Here August 1-15

I recently joined Instagram and am amazed how little time it takes to share images with the world. I dug my feet in for a long while trying NOT to join but once I found the Instagram app on my hubby’s phone that did it! I joined Instagram and the rest is history.

Summer August 1-15

I love how I can dual post to Facebook as well and save me time sharing some fun stuff. Now for all of you who aren’t on Instagram or Facebook here are some pics that I could have shared there but chose to share with my loyal readers instead! Here’s a recap of the first half of August. So these pics are all in Instagram style (square 600×600) from August 1 -15. Hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to IRL (in real life!)


little boy with backpack


We kicked off August y doing some more back to school shopping. We were grabbing the weeks deals at Staples and saw some backpacks so Big Red tried one on. He really liked it but I wasn’t going to spend $40 on a four year old!

camp chair baby


Once we got home and after lunch we headed outside to the backyard. Lil’ Red sat so still and was so cute in this camp chair. It’s too cute NOT to share!


train ride


Sometimes you just have to say YES to those sweet little faces. Today when leaving Walmart I had enough quarters for the boys to ride the train. I think they both had fun.


ice cream girl

What kid doesn’t like getting ice cream from the ice cream truck? Just so happened to be one on our street. We didn’t even hear it but the kids did.

ice cream treat


Princess was super excited by her TMNT ice cream treat. She may be a girl but she loves those turtles.


Callie's Contest of Courage Book by Jan May

Princess got a book called Callie’s Contest of Courage Book by Jan May. The author even personalized it on the front cover. Thank you JAN!!


super healthy fudge

I found a super healthy fudge recipe that only has 3 ingredients! Yes, I promise to share the recipe in an upcoming post.



herb books

Sharing a picture of the herb books that I own but would not necessarily recommend to others:( Unfortunately Rosemary Gladstar and Reader’s Digest both share pagan thoughts and ideas. Working on finding more suitable replacements for the Homeschool Herbalism course that Jan The Nerdy Farmwife and I are working on!


homemade tincture using vodka, herbs, and baby food jar

Working on learning all sorts of herbal skills which include tinctures. The first time I have ever bought alcohol and it’s for herbal medicine:)

AUGUST 9 Hayner 100th birthday Festival

carousel horse


I think this was Big Red’s first carousel ride and it was free!

milk jug toss

Eldest had so much fun with the Old Fashioned Carnival games which were also FREE! I had no idea how much skill was involved with these. Princess did get 1 in but I sat and watched this games for 10-15 minutes and no one got a single ball in.


grinding wheat

We love going to the fair each Summer. Our county offer’s a kids free lunch and activity day which also allows parents and caregivers the chance to get in FREE! This is just the kind of activity that I love. FRUGAL FAMILY FUN!

Eldest son with minecraft hat and fake smile

Here is Eldest in his Minecraft hat with a fake smile to appease his mom,lol. Sometimes you gotta take pics right at the beginning of an event of NO pictures will be taken because of all the fun!


Bzz Agent product

Super busy day when I look back at the pictures. Received  anew product for review from Bzz Agent!

baby playing in sandbox with jeans on

Lil’ Red discovered the fun of playing in the sandbox.

screen repair

I replaced the screen in our laundry room. Found out the staple gun I borrowed was broken and had to improvise. A post coming later telling all about it:)


tent pig nose

Cute baby pig nose against a tent! Do I need to say anymore? I think not, but just had to share!


painted rocks

Sometimes the simplest of activities can keep kids very busy for a LONG time. Washing rocks and waiting for them to dry so you can paint them can take all day!

Well this wraps up the first half of August. We have done so much each day that I could share tons more pics but thought I will share some of the fun activities in individual posts. Do not want to overwhelm anyone. Hope you stop by again soon to see what fun we are having as Summer winds down and school begins!




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Breastfeeding Testimonial: 17 months and Going Strong

I was a formula fed baby, not even a single drop of breast milk was put into my system. I grew up giving my dolls bottles filled with baby powder and water to look like formula. All the babies that I was ever around were formula fed, except my two youngest nieces. My sister in law nursed each of them for about 6 weeks, but it was never spoken about and always done in private. Breastfeeding might as well have been a different language to me considering how “normal” formula was for my family. I always figured when I was to become pregnant I would buy the cutest print bottles I could possibly find and likely use soy formula with my own children like I was given as an infant. But when I found out I was pregnant in 2012 something from within me decided my child would be fed differently than I was.

breastfeeding 17 months


My first piece of advice is to gain all the knowledge about breastfeeding that you can. I instantly started researching and educating myself about breastfeeding. I watched at least 50 YouTube videos on how to get a proper latch, how to hold a baby while nursing, how to pump, hand express, you name it I likely watched a video about it. I spent hours reading (The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, BREASTFEEDING: A Journey Worth Taking, Breastfeeding Solutions: Quick Tips for the Most Common Nursing Challenges, and The Breastfeeding Book) about ways to increase your milk supply, signs of a low supply, tips on how to establish a good latch. I asked basically strangers that I knew breastfed questions. I had dedicated my life to breastfeeding.


Even through my 19 hours of all natural labor, breastfeeding was on my mind. My midwife got a nice little kick out of me during one set of contractions as I told her I needed to shower because my milk makers were sweaty. That my son wouldn’t like the taste of sweat when he made his first latch. I was wrong, he didn’t mind the taste at all. After impatiently doing skin to skin immediately after his birth, my 7lb 8oz baby boy made his way to my breast and nursed just as I read he would. My second piece of advice is to make sure to do skin to skin after giving birth to your baby and allow them to do the breast crawl. baby with dandelion I quickly learned that breastfeeding wasn’t a piece of cake. The struggle is real. I struggled to learn my baby’s cues, and ways while battling sore, raw nipples- I found coconut oil is the best nipple cream out there! It not only is all natural but it heals, while killing any yeast. I struggled to trust my body that my supply was fine while my baby cluster fed for what seemed to be 24/7. (Which I later learned cluster feeding is a good thing, that is helps establish a good supply.) I struggled to believe in myself when people were telling me I should be sleep training, give rice cereal, supplement, or a give a real pacifier not my breast for comfort. All which are things that can compromise your supply. Through all those struggles I never let my goal to breastfeed until Bruce self weaned go. Formula, a word that once triggered a picture of a baby in my mind, had become a word that no longer existed in my dictionary. By 6 weeks into our journey, breastfeeding was as natural as drinking water for me.

Mom and baby

My third piece of advice is to surround yourself with support. Not only was my husband extremely supportive and allowed me to cry it out in the middle of the night when I was extremely tired, but I found friends that breastfed. I also joined groups on Facebook that were full of breastfeeding moms. It is nice to have other moms that you can vent to when you are tired. Other moms to ask if your baby’s poop is the right color, or if the sudden 24/7 hour cluster feedings are due to a low supply or a grow spurt. Mom’s that understand and don’t judge because they simply get it. I stopped questioning myself and started following my “mom gut”. I knew no one knew my baby better than I did. I started trusting my body to do what it was made to do. The hardest struggle has yet to get better.


The hardest struggle isn’t a struggle that any amount of knowledge could help me. The struggle is dealing with idiotic, judgmental, uneducated people. Even with my strong “I will breastfeed only” attitude, I am constantly receiving negative comments. Not from strangers either (usually strangers are the nicest people and give me encouragement), but from family and friends. I first got told we wouldn’t make it to his first tooth, or how breast milk isn’t nutritional enough for him to live solely off of for his first year. I even was told I was selfish for not allowing others to bond with my baby through feedings. The worse was when someone told me that I am going to hate never being able to go anywhere, since it wasn’t appropriate to nurse in public. Nowadays the comments are more along of the lines of “are you going to be one of ‘those’ moms that breastfeeds until their child is too old?”. I also get lot of the “once he can ask for it, it is time to wean”.


My fourth piece of advice is to not allow other’s to discourage you. We are currently in month 17 of our nursing journey. I made it through the teeth and biting (which hurts, but not enough to wean). We haven’t been stuck at home because we nurse. We carry lighter diaper bags, and I always have milk ready to go at the perfect temperature where ever we are because I DO nurse. Bruce has bonded with those who put an effort into it, but the bond I have with him is unbreakable. He has never had a drop of formula, and is a healthy, smart, big boy. Although the struggle is real, I never have allowed it to discourage me, and neither should anyone else. I can proudly say, I am one of “those” moms.

Megan is a small town girl with a BIG country heart. She along with hubby and son currently live on a small homestead that includes chickens, turkeys, and a pot-bellied pig. She is passionate about natural remedies and gardening like she is breastfeeding. She is also researching homeschooling.

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Celebrate National Breastfeeding Month 200

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Breastfeeding Week: How to Increase Your Milk Supply

Today we are going to discuss breastfeeding and some ways to increase your milk supply. I had someone recently contact me and share her story. It was heart wrenching- NOT enough milk to feed her child. She is not a newbie she just had her 7th child and is trying everything she can think of. She said she drinks lots of water and eats healthy fat. She has had to resort to formula feeding and supplementing with breastmilk due to extremely slow weight gain of her infant. I mean dangerously slow weight gain. Let’s rally around this mama and think of things for her to try!

breastmilk supply
I am so sad for her because I have never struggled to have enough milk to feed any of my four children. With Eldest, my first baby, I could probably have fed 2-3 other babies. I tandem fed Eldest and Princess for a couple of months. Then completely was done breastfeeding for almost 3 years before Big Red was born. I had just weaned him and 2 months later found out I was pregnant with Lil’ Red.
Now I am on a mission, a quest. I hate to hear of a mom struggling so hard to do something she feels is right for her child. I spent most of a day researching and reading ways to increase your milk supply and thought I should share them in case others need ideas as well.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, midwife, doula, herbalist or a lactation consultant. I have not taken any formal training past a 30 minute class after I was pregnant with Big Red. I have consulted once with a lactation consultant after Eldest was born and in the NICU. I am just a mom breastfeeding her 4th nursling trying to give support and ideas to other breastfeeding moms.

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