Vehicle Busy Bags

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I just realized I had not made Big Red any new busy bags and even let him play with our busy bag collection. Yikes, what a mommy fail! You do not realize all of the busy bags we own since I have not blogged about all the ones from last year’s busy bag swap or from the swaps when Big Red was under 10 mths old. I promise to do so to help give you ideas for making and organizing your busy bags.

ABC vehicle beads in busy bag

Princess had a friend over and they were looking for something to do. I felt I might as well put her friend to work. I grabbed the leftover vehicle beads that I bought for the Letter Sound Swap last year. It looked like there was enough for the entire alphabet and I was right! 40 beads were left in the package I had bought at JoAnn’s. I grabbed a Sharpie marker and asked the friend to write one letter per vehicle. This package has planes, trains, tug boat, and model T beads that are big enough to fit on a skewer stick.

ABC Vehicles on a Stick Busy Bag

Here’s what the finished product looks like-

ABC Vehicle Beads Q Model T


Vehicles Color Match Busy Bag

I grabbed a couple of skewer sticks and cut them down to fit into the 3-ring binder pencil pouch. These are what we put our busy bags in for on-the-go. Makes them so easy to take with us when they are on a loose leaf ring! I grabbed markers that matched the vehicles: green, pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and green. I quickly colored the skewer sticks so they would have time to try BEFORE Big Red had a chance to use them.

color match #BusyBags


He played with them like a champ! He got right to work matching the colors of vehicle onto each corresponding stick! He was done very quickly which wasn’t a surprise to me. This activity is too easy for him but will be great for friends or Lil’ Red next year.

vehicle beads color match busy bags

ABC Vehicles Parking Garage

I realized I had foam from the dollar store also leftover from last year’s swap. I quickly grabbed them and made parking lots that matched the ABC Vehicles. I started by sorting the vehicle by color and then figured out how many parking spots each piece of foam would need. I grabbed a sticky page flag that was just a bit bigger then the vehicles to use as a template to trace. I grabbed a sharpie marker and set to work marking the foam. Once the foam was marked I added the letter in a random order to the parking spots.

#BusyBag with ABC vehicle parking lot

They turned out super cute even though I made a few boo boos!

If you are out of some of the supplies we used or do not have a craft store nearby then here are my affiliate links to Amazon for your shopping convenience:
Foam-Sheets 5-1/2-Inch-by-8-1/2-Inch, 50-Pack, Rainbow Colors
Mini Mobiles Plastic Beads 1/4 Pounds Per Pack
Farberware Classic 12-Inch Bamboo Skewers, 75-Count
3-Ring Zippered Pencil Pouch Case with Clear Window
Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Black

Have you jumped onto the Busy Bags bandwagon? Not sure where to begin? Check out Busy Bags 101 to give you step by step ideas. Stop on over to more kids enjoying Busy Bags in Action. In case you missed the post that started it all 10 Busy Bags I Want to Make is a simple round-up from pinterest.

YES- I do have pinterest boards all about BUSY BAGS, lol.

Follow Thaleia @ Something2Offer’s board Busy Bag Swap on Pinterest.

If you are really loving all these ideas PLEASE leave a comment! That will encourage me to finish some more Busy Bags posts as well as some of my other 260 drafts, lol. Gotta know what you all like so I am not boring you but inspiring you!


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Back to School Promotions July 20-26

All right one week closer to back to school and still more great sales! My kids are still very much in a Summer mode with VBS and celebrating a birthday this week. Back to school is very far in the back of their minds, but not for this mama. I keep my eye on back to school promotions to help fill their back to school bag of goodies.
back to school promotions weekly deals july 20

I have to admit Staples is my go to store for most of my back to school deals. I keep do look through Target’s ad but since it’s a 25 minute drive they have to have a really good deal or lots of things worth the time and gas. I also order office supplies online but with minimums for free shipping that may not always work for the best deals either. I’m a penny pincher through and through.
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American History Resources We Own

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We have bought some great and fun American History resources at garage sales, Goodwill, and used curriculum sales. We have also been blessed by many people in receiving items as presents. I have used affiliate links to share with you exactly which resources we own.

American History Resources we own #AmericanHistory

We received a free book at Christmas time from our local ibrary a couple of years ago called  America: The Making of a Nation. It may have been that same year my children were also given USA floor puzzles for presents which have been great for learning US Geography.

My mom just so happens to own a board game called America! In-A-Box.  She also made Eldest and Princess States and Capitals index flashcards by hand for them to use. We also own a flash card set that we probably found cheap at Target.

Someone posted on a forum or facebook a few years back about getting a copy of America: The Story of Us
for free from the History channel. I didn’t hesitate to send away for a free resource. If we don’t end up using it then we ill certainly pass it along to another homeschool family. This series has also been available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

While on my way to a Classical Conversation group I saw a Rand McNally Road Atlas sticking out of a recycle bin. Yes, you know what happened next. I turned around and grabbed that sucker for FREE! What better way for children to learn more about each state then a professional road atlas.

We discovered a nifty resource called Fandex cards. They are offered in a wide range of topics that a family would want to learn about. We own four that will help with learning American History: 50 States, Presidents, First Ladies, and American Indians.

Do not overlook the simplest of activities. Remember all the State Quarters that came out? Why not collect them and match them on a free printable map? I just did a simple free USA printable map and printed one I liked.

wacky wednesday state quarters

Here’s a comprehensive list to Amazon for all the learning resources that we own for American History:
Fandex Family Field Guides: Presidents

Fandex Family Field Guides: 50 States

Fandex Family Field Guides: American Indians

Fandex Family Field Guides: First Ladies

What resources do you own or plan to use to teach American History? If you want to know when our next free resource post goes live or when a review or giveaway is up please subscribe to our newsletter!



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