Tips and Tricks for Easter Egg Coloring

You know those cute pictures of young kids making complete messes. Yes, the ones with dye cups being spilled and freaking their auntie out,lol!

Egg coloring tips


We always meet at Grandma’s (my mom) house to color eggs with our local cousins. I think it’s a fun tradition that is worth the mess! Over the year’s we have learned a few tips or tricks for Easter Egg coloring which I want to share with you.

1. Cook a couple dozen more eggs then you think you will need.

It seems that no matter how many eggs we have hard boiled that we never have enough. Our basic rule of thumb is a dozen eggs per each child.

2. Be sure to have aprons for all the children.

We luckily have acquired thick cloth aprons over the years. We even have enough to bring for my niece’s to wear.

3. Cover your surface with newspaper or plastic tablecloth.

You can almost always be sure that someone will spill a cup of dye. An accident will happen due to the excitement or the age of the children involved in the egg coloring.

4. Pick out fun accessories for your eggs.

We use white or clear crayons for designs but also have shrink wraps and stickers handy to decorate our eggs. Sometimes they are goofy cartoon characters and sometimes cutesy Spring designs.

So here goes to a super quick round-up of egg coloring cuties:

egg coloring

Easter 2015

(Western) Easter Sunday is April 5, 2015
(Orthodox) Easter Sunday is April 12, 2015
Ash Wednesday is February 18, 2015
Palm Sunday is March 29, 2015
Good Friday is April 3, 2015

Easter 2016

(Western) Easter Sunday is March 27, 2016
(Orthodox) Easter Sunday is May 1, 2016
Ash Wednesday is February, 10 2016
Palm Sunday is March, 20 2010
Good Friday is April, 25 2010

Easter 2017

(Western) Easter Sunday is April 16, 2017
(Orthodox) Easter Sunday is April 16, 2017
Ash Wednesday is March 1, 2017
Palm Sunday is April, 9 2017
Good Friday is April, 14 2017

Easter 2018

(Western) Easter Sunday is April 1, 2018
(Orthodox) Easter Sunday is April 8, 2018
Ash Wednesday is February, 14 2018
Palm Sunday is March, 25 2018
Good Friday is March, 30 2018

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Family Meal Planning

Family Meal Pass Giveaway

Who else has trouble at least once a week getting a delicious dinner on the table in a timely fashion? I really mean well but sometimes life happens, kids get sick, deadlines come due and then it’s dinner. I have tried  a variety of meal planning ideas and ways to go about getting dinner made with some working and some not.

Check out this Family Meal Pass giveaway to help with your Family Meal Planning needs!

Enjoy Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Country Buffet  
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Breakfast Choices & More….
Strawberry Pancakes Breakfast
Omelet Breakfast
 Bacon,Eggs and Grapefruit Breakfast
 Bacon,Eggs and Grapefruit Breakfast
 Lunch Choices & More….
 Pasta & Shrimp Lunch
 Meat Loaf Lunch
 Dinners & More….
 Chicken Dinner
 Stir Fry Dinner
 Shrimp Dinner
 Steak Dinner
 Desserts & More…
Chocolate Fudge Cake w/ Ice Cream


 If these selections don’t get your taste buds then there are
many many more selections to choose from!
Good Luck and Happy Eating To Our Winners!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is in no way associated, endorsed or affiliated with
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This giveaway is valid in the Continental United States and will
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Holiday Contest and Sweeps received some free passes for review purposes
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Learn about Electronics through EEME Subscription Box

I have been meaning to learn about electronics for a few years now. When I first saw EEME I really wanted to try it out. I put it off since I was getting ready to have a baby. Now that the baby is a crazy toddler we are ready to try our hand at electronics projects from EEME.

Electronics Project from EEME

Who is EEME? Here’s what they have to say:

EEME is a series of hands-on projects that teach 7 to 12 years old kids how to build the technology around them.

We all know that engineering and STEM are critical to the future of our kids. There is currently a huge skills gap, with hundreds of thousands of open engineering jobs and not nearly enough qualified candidates to fulfill it.

That’s where we come in. We want to start getting kids excited about engineering while they are young.


What’s in a typical EEME:

Here’s the breakdown of the components in the first month box which includes the battery pack, batteries, and holder for the breadboard.

EEME month 1

What We like about EEME:

The videos were laid out very well and easy to follow which makes it great for kids and parents with no electronics experience.

Eldest- “We learned how a battery pack works. Then we learned about how to build a circuit. The BUS is a line of holes connected together but the top BUS is NOT connected to the bottom BUS.”

Princess- “I liked the genius light project. I learned about breadboards and circuits.”

Dad- “I liked that it was laid out really simply step-by-step which makes it very easy for anyone regardless of their experience level could do.”


EEME project details

What age is EEME geared for:

They list ages 7-12 on the EEME website but our almost 5 year old stopped by the kitchen table a few times to check things out. His curiosity was peaked and that is all we could hope for at this age. If you aren’t sure if EEME is for you then check out one of the many FREE lessons that EEME offers!


Giveaway for 3 month subscription to EEME:

EEME-Something To Offer Review Giveaway – 2015/03


EEME #giveaway


Disclaimer: We were provided a free kit for review regardless all opinions are our own and all photographs were taken by us. Some links within the post may be affiliate links which means if you click on them and make a purchase a small commission is made. This helps to support our blog and we truly appreciate your support.

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