Lego Creativity Tour Columbus, Ohio

Calling all LEGO enthusiasts! Guess what? I have some incredible news for those of you living in and around Central OHIO!! The LEGO Creativity Tour, Powered by LEGO KidsFest, comes to Columbus, OH this November.

Lego Creativity Tour

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7 Things You Need to Raise a Hamster

Hi, this is Princess and today I am going to share with you 7 things you need to raise a hamster. I did lots of research and had to clean my room before my parents let me get a hamster. I read books from the library learning all about the different types of hamsters and what thins they need.

7 Things You Need to Raise a Hamster

1.Cage- The type and size of cage needed depends on two things. 1. What size of a hamster are you getting? 2. How many hamsters are you planning on housing (If you want to have more than one Hamster buy 2 cages or get a giant aquarium)? Since I wanted to buy 2 small dwarf hamsters this allowed me to buy a smaller cage. I researched multiple cages online and at the local pet stores before deciding on a Kaytee Critter Cage.

2.Water bowl or bottle- All small critters need water to stay alive. You don’t want a bowl too big otherwise your hamster could drown.

3.Food bowl & Food- Make sure you check what types of food are good for hamsters. Some items that other animals (gerbils, rats, & rabbits) can eat may be poisonous to hamsters like iceberg lettuce.

4.Bedding- You want your hamster to be warm and cozy in whatever cage you choose. You will want to research types of bedding that you can buy easily in your area.

5.Wheel or ball( depends on the cage you buy some cages come with one)- It is very important that your hamster get’s enough exercise and activity to stay fit and healthy.

6.House (something for the to hide in/ sleep in)- A small place to hideaway and stay cozy. Hamsters tend to stay hidden in their  house while sleeping. I think they don’t want people bothering them much.

7. Toys- You can make or buy toys. Hamsters really like tunnels, swings, tubes, and a place to run around. I bought a playpen which had a plastic mat and a high fence around it so the hamster can run around without getting loose.


I got 2 Robo Hamsters and they were fine together for 2 months and on morning when i woke up i looked in the cage and saw that one of them was missing fur and the other was bleeding i was very up set about it. so we quickly separated them (in a makeshift cage out of a ice cream pail and put bedding and a makeshift food bowl out of a small container)  so they could not hurt each other any more. So note: DO not buy more than on hamster unless you want to have 2 cages.

Disclaimer: Their are affiliate links used in this post as a reference to find products similar to what we bought and use for our hamsters.

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How a Juice Box Saved my Type 1 Diabetic Son’s Life

To most people a juice box is a treat for the lunch box or packed as a team snack for the big game. For my family having a juice box on hand at all times is imperative. Since my son’s Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis we have learned a lot of things which I plan to continually share. Today I want to share how a juice box saved my Type 1 Diabetic son’s life!

How a Juice Box Saved my Son's Life

Eldest is 12 years old and loves playing video games, building with Lego’s, and running around at the park like any kid his age. The difference is his constant battle each and every day with Type 1 Diabetes. It’s an autoimmune disease which many people is like Type 2 but I will tell you it’s not!

Type 2 Diabetics have the luxury to manage their illness with diet and exercise much easier then a Type 1. Our son could eat exactly the same thing and play in the same way each and every day but that doesn’t always equal the same amount of insulin. His blood sugar can go up and down at the drop of a hat. Type 1 Diabetics are affected by the slightest amount of stress, hormone changes, increase of activity or decrease of activity. “Stress” can be temperature change, a challenging school assignment, more sleep, less sleep, or a fight with a sibling. So you can see the challenges facing  a Type 1 Diabetic are numerous!

Eldest Faces

We were at the park with our homeschool co-op playing when Eldest didn’t feel quite right. He does wear a Dexcom CGM but when you are running around playing with friends you might not hear the alerts. His low alert went off and the next thing we know he was checking his sugar and reaching for a juice box!  His blood sugar had been above 200 but dropped to mid 60’s after being dosed for lunch and playing. Without that juice box to increase his blood sugar levels he could have passed out, had a seizure, or went into a coma! Very real, very scary situations that happen each and every day for Type 1 Diabetics.

So you see having cases of juice boxes on hand are a much needed pantry item for our family. When I was at Aldi over the Summer they had juice boxes on clearance and I ended up buying 216 in all. That seems a little excessive but we have used them for low’s in the middle of the night or while at the park or when spending the night on a blog trip. We used two juice boxes last night to get his blood sugar up from the 70’s since a Type 1 Diabetic shouldn’t go to sleep alone without a BG of 120 or higher unless you are checking every couple of hours!

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Tastee Apples Giveaway ends Oct 18

Fall is all about apples and pumpkins around my house. I get excited at the sight of caramel apples appearing on the store shelves. Today I am bringing you a great giveaway for your very own Tastee Apples!


Tastee Apples Giveaway
9/27 to 10/18
Open to US 

Sponsored by: Tastee Apple
Hosted By: 
Amy & Aron’s Real Life Reviews

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Lantern Fest is a Unique Fall Event

This post is part of a conversation on behalf of Sack Lunch for Lantern Fest Louisville/Cincinnati. 

I had never heard of Lantern Fest until last week when another blogger mentioned the event and that one would be close enough for my family to attend. I check out the website and pretty excited to be able to share this event with my reader’s.

Lantern Fest Giveaway

Here’s a little bit about the Lantern Fest:

At The Lantern Fest, thousands of revelers join together armed with lanterns for one unforgettable spectacle. There will be music, dancing, s’mores and, when the time is just right, we will light the sky with our highest hopes, deepest regrets, and fondest dreams.

The Louisville/Cincinnati Lantern Fest event will be held Saturday October 10 at the Kentucky Speedway the American Cancer Society being the charity of choice. Gates open at 3pm with activities for kids include: face-painting, balloon twisters, live music, princesses, marshmallow roasting for s’mores, stage show and various competitions. The lantern launch is slated for when the sky is dark enough.Lantern Fest Family Event

I am lucky enough to offer my reader’s both a discount and a giveaway!! Be sure to use coupon code: somethingtooffer10  when placing your online ticket order for Lantern Fest Louisville/Cincinnati to receive 10% off.

lantern fest giveaway

Enter to win 4 tickets to the Lantern Fest held October 10!

Lantern Fest Tickets

Disclosure: I was provided with tickets for my family as well as 4 tickets to giveaway as part of my post. All opinions are my own and no compensation was provided for this post.

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