A to Z Rainy Day Activities

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Who else is looking for a resource to keep your kids busy and engaged during a rainy day? How about an entire list of resources for Rainy Day Activities or for those super hot days where being outside isn’t an option. Maybe you have children with severe allergies or respiratory issues that require extra time indoors. Please join me and 25 other bloggers are we share some Rainy Day Activities.

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A to Z Rainy Day Activities blog hop

Join us beginning May 1 for an entire alphabet’s worth of activities.

A is for Arts and Crafts by Rainy Day Mum
arts and crafts for rainy days

B is for Bubble Blowing by Crafty Kids at Home

blowing bubbles for rainy day

C is for  Cardboard Boxes by Lalymom

20+ Awesome Ways to Have Fun with a Cardboard Box
D is for Fizzing Dino Claw by Preschool Powol Packets

fizzing dinosaur claw preview(6)
E is for Rocket Air Pressure Science Experiment by Study at Home Mama

F is for Finger Paint a Wizard  by My Little Me

fingerpaint wizard
G is for Glow in the Dark Dance Party by Bare Feet on the Dashboard

Ideas for Glow in the Dark Fun for Indoor Play (1)
H is for Hide and Seek Game Where’s Spot? by Sunny Day Family

Hide and Seek with Spot 400
I is for Screen Free indoor activities by Mum in the Mad House

Child playing at home indoors with a teepee tent

J is for Playing Jacks Indoors by Something 2 Offer

playing jacks
K is for  Kreative Kostumes by Gypsy Road School

kreative Kostumes
L is for Lava Lamp by It’s a Weghorn Life

M is Music Games  for by Peakle Pie

Musical Games AZ RDA
N is for Nest Craft by The Stay-at-Home Life

nest craft
O is for Cooperative Obstacle Course by Cutting Tiny Bites

obstacle course
P is for Playdough Party by Life Over C’s

playdough party
Q is for Quiet Activties by Mama Smiles
R is for Raindrop Storytelling by Adventures of Adam

Raindrop Preview from Adventures of Adam
S is for Science Experiments by Kelly’s Classroom

s is for science
T is for Tracking by Teach Me Mommy

hide and seek indoor game
U is for Underwater World by Little Worlds

under water world
V is for Volcano  by Witty Hoots

Volcanoes AZ RDA
W is for Who is it What is it game by Words n Needles

W is for who is it what is it what can it be guessing game
X is for Painting eXperiments by Creative World of Varya

Y is for Yarn Maze by Little Bins for Little Hands

yarn maze
Z is for Zebra Prints by Fun with a Message

Junior Explorers

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  2. So creative! Can’t wait until my grandson is old enough to blow bubbles! Link up with you at Soul Survival on this Monday morning!

  3. lana says:

    great list!

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  5. I’m loving this! Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you taking the time to party with us. I hope to see you on tonight at 7. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

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