Bundles of Joy Giveaway Event

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Bundles of Joy Giveaway Event

Bundles of Joy Giveaway

Remember how I said March was going to be amazing and featuring pregnancy, babies, birth stories, reviews, and giveaways? Well, here is our first announcement:

A group of pregnant bloggers and I have been working very hard the last month and a half to bring you (drum roll please…)

Bundles of Joy Giveaway Event

bundles of joy giveaway

March 15-30

Hosted by Something 2 Offer

Co-Hosted by Shaping Up to Be Mom

We will be offering not one, but TWO MEGA bundles during this event! One bundle will cater to the Pregnant Mommy and the other will cater to Mom’s of Babies and Young Children. We have some very awesome sponsors for this event and are extremely excited about it.  As an added bonus, a handful of bloggers will be offering giveaways on their blogs during this event – STAY TUNED to learn all about their awesome giveaways!

Pregnant Mommy MEGA Bundle- Just a few of our sponsor’s:

Preggers, Daddy Scrubs, Milk Nursingwear, and more!


Mom’s of Babies MEGA Bundle- Just a few of our sponsor’s:

Bumble Bum, Snooze Shade, and more!

All items and sponsor’s will be announced officially by March 15!

Bloggers: Don’t miss out on this great giveaway event if you’d like to participate in this event on your blog please fill out our Pregnant Bloggers form or request to join our Pregnant Bloggers Facebook Group.

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