Busy Bags in Action

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Wanna See Busy Bags in Action?

busy bags

Well, here is your chance. I’ve talked about busy bags before. I’ve talked about the busy bags I want to make. You see posts all over the blogosphere about busy bags swaps and making busy bags, but rarely do you see kids playing or using busy bags! I took two of my newest super loaded busy bags with me to my Preschool CC Childcare class. Boy were those kids excited to play with some new things. (We set out table type toys each week to help them transition into playing with us and forget that mommy left them.)I took the Little Scientist and Mini Office busy bags that I had blogged about at All Our Days.

These bags were a hit. I made sure to take pics to show you real kids using real busy bags made by me! I was hoping this would be the nudge for some of you to go that extra mile and whip up a few bags for your tot or preschooler.

Here’s some pictures of the Scientist Busy Bag in Action:

Here’s some pictures of the Mini Office Busy Bag in Action:

Other Busy Bag type activities in action:

These are a set of Discovery Toys links I had bought at a garage sale over the summer paired with an empty Nutella container. They fit nicely inside with a wide mouth lid easy for little hands to put links in and take links out.

This is a plastic container that had cocktail sauce from a large shrimp ring that I had saved. I saw these little containers online all over the place and just had to make one. It was very popular and could hold the attention of a younger toddler for 5-10 minutes at a time!

Super simple Dollar Tree shape sorter my big kids picked out for Lil’ Red last Christmas. So sweet of them even though we own one or two other shape sorters this is the only one small enough to be portable.

If you want to see more busy bag ideas check out my Busy Bag Swap Board with over 250 ideas or the Busy Bag link-up below!

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6 Responses to Busy Bags in Action

  1. Kristin says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am new to the idea of busy bags, though I am not new to homeschooling. My oldest is almost 10 and in 5th grade, but until this year we learned and read and did activities together. This year, even though we still mainly do all of our learning together, I’m finding the need to occupy the littlest ones for 45-60 minutes a day while I tackle the hard stuff with the older kids. Love your busy bag ideas. I’m hoping to share a few more of my own soon. 🙂 (Hope you stop back in…)
    Kristin recently posted..31 Days, 31 Smiles {Day 31}: In ConclusionMy Profile

  2. ThaleiaMaher says:


    So glad you stopped by. Thanks for checking out some of our busy bags. Hope you found an idea that your little ones will love!

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