Creative Ways to Organize Crafts

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Creative Ways to Organize Crafts

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. What better way to reuse frappuccino bottles, spaghetti bottles, spice shakers, and large snack containers than to house craft supplies? If your family is at all crafty, then you probably run into the dilemma of how to store your craft supplies.

One problem is that most craft supplies come in non-resealable bags. Once you tear or cut open those bags then you now have craft supplies on the loose. I love creative ways to organize crafts that DO NOT COST MONEY! That’s where clean empty bottle come into play. Save your empty bottles that have good fitting lids. I would save more plastic than glass if you want your children to access the craft materials without your assistance.


frappe bottle holder

My hubby was on a frappe kick for awhile and it was cheaper to buy the four pack then buy them individually. Of course I save one holder and the bottle to reuse them. I did throw out quite a few holders BEFORE I had the brilliant idea of re-purposing them!


frappe bottles and beads and pom-poms

We love our pom-poms and beads. We have beads in all sorts of kinds of materials like wood, plastic, and glass as well as all sorts of sizes!



foam stickers and spice shakers

What home with school-agers and preschool would be complete without FOAM stickers! We got all sorts of those, too! Since my Lil’ Red likes to use them I made sure the containers were plastic. Just so happens I save my spice containers and parmesan containers just for these sorts of things!

sensory bin materials


We cannot forget to mention all those wonderful seasonal sensory bin items! What do you do with them out-of-season? How about storing them in a jumbo UTZ pretzel or cheese puff container. This one was given to us by my parents!

Go dig into your recycle bin and save a container for your crafts or hobby items. Yes, get up and go right now! Wash it out. Allow to air dry and think of what craft material you will put inside!

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Do you have craft materials that need organizing? What ways do you plan to reuse something you already have for organization?

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6 Responses to Creative Ways to Organize Crafts

  1. Pam says:

    We have a lot of those Frappuccino bottles. I have been keeping them in case I wanted to use them for a craft. I didn’t think about storing craft supplies in them.

  2. Cynthia L. says:

    Smart ideas! I have a shelf in the basement that has jars that are waiting for a new purpose. Using them in the craft room is a great idea.
    Cynthia L. recently posted..Candy Apple Punch by Feeding BigMy Profile

  3. Elise says:

    Great ideas. I’m a bit of a peanut butter jar hoarder myself….

  4. Andrea says:

    That is really smart! I am getting more and more craft materials, since my daughter enjoys crafts so much. I will have to see if my brother can donate me some frappachino bottles 🙂
    Andrea recently posted..Natural Herbal Living Magazine Herb Box Review & GiveawayMy Profile

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