First Time Catching Lightning Bugs

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I was thinking of all the fun and budget friendly Summer activities that we need to add to our bucket list and bug catching came to mind. Then a friend on facebook mentioned that Lightning Bugs are so special they need their own spot on the list. I definitely agree with her. I grew up in the country and Lightning Bugs were pretty common place. Now that we are raising four kids while being in town it’s a little harder at times to find them.


Just a few days ago we ran out of mayo but I keep the plastic jar for just a time as catching bugs. I knew Big Red would enjoy chasing, collecting, and observing them.

My sister was over and we were out on the front porch swinging Lil’ Red when I caught site of a Lightning Bug out of the corner of my eye. I ran inside and grabbed the Bug Jar so we could enjoy them once we caught them.


I think this may have been Big Red’s first time chasing them on his own without big siblings to “interfere”, lol. He didn’t see them at first but that was because I only saw 2!

We caught them both to observe for a couple minutes and then let them go. We opened the jar and tipped it slightly so one would crawl out to walk on Big Red’s hand. He was very intrigued! I think next time we will try at Grandma’s house when hundreds are lighting up the evening sky.

When was the last time YOU caught a bug or sat and watched the evening sky light up with Lightning Bugs?

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  1. I’ve only seen lightning bugs once, and that was only a couple of years ago when I went to a wedding in another province. I went with a friend who grew up there and spent the night before the wedding at her parent’s place. My friend and her siblings told me that they like to fish in the creek at night and since I’ve never done anything like that they took me out to try it. On the way to the creek, while walking through a pasture, I saw my first lightning bugs! I felt like a kid! I’m sure the others thought I was strange because I kept stopping to look at the bugs 🙂 I would love to be able to catch lightning bugs with my children! I’ve been told there are some where we live, but I have never seen them. I’m hoping my children will have better luck than I have 🙂

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