Great Puzzles & Games for Homeschoolers {Top Ten Holiday Lists}

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Great Puzzles & Games for Homeschoolers

{Top Ten Holiday Lists}

Welcome to Top Ten Holiday Lists! Where Stir the WonderP is for PreschoolerPowerful MotheringAfterschool for Smarty Pants,  Little Bins for Little Hands,  Making Time For MommyMakeovers & MotherhoodCreative World of Varya and myself have gotten together to post our Top Ten Holiday gift items. We will be featuring books, games & puzzles, building toys, pretend play, crafting kits, and stocking stuffers. So when you’re finished here check out all the other suggestions for the perfect holiday gift.

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Since we are a homeschool family we seek out a variety of ways to educate our children. Some of the best and funnest ways are to play with puzzles and games. My husband was given all of his board games and puzzles when we got married. We have since added to our collection from freecycle and garage sales.



We own a great variety of games from the popular like LIFE, Trouble, Monopoly, and Battleship to the lessor known titles of Lost Treasure, Hook Line & Stinker or Probe. The really sad thing is we have so many board games and we rarely play them. I think my kids are now hooked since they “had” to play games all day in order for me to get some good pics. We have enough games to play a different one every week for over a year. Now that’s a lot of games.

Lil’ Red watches while Eldest and Princess play a round of LIFE.
Game of LIFE
Some of the Board Games we own:




Boggle Jr.- Lil’ Red is really good at this game: see him in action here!

Boggle Jr.

Pass the Pigs- super fun, crazy game I had never heard of until hubby told me about playing with it when visiting aunts and uncles.

Not too long ago, well before C-4 was born, I gave most of our preschool girl puzzles away. Princess had outgrown all the 24 ct. , 60 ct., and 100 ct. puzzles and we needed room for more learning puzzles. We still own not one, but  TWO plastic sweater boxes of kids puzzles plus a puzzle shelf filled with old fashioned preschool learning puzzles! I guess I love collecting educational items to use with my children.

USA puzzle


Jumbo USA Floor puzzle

Wooden Preschool puzzles

Puzzles in Tins- These are usually given at Easter but this one would be perfect for Christmas!

 Check out all the other suggestions for awesome games & puzzles:


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Junior Explorers

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  1. I love that US puzzle. I learned the names and locations of the states from a puzzle like that! 🙂
    Emma @ P is for Preschooler recently posted..Top 10 Puzzles and Board Games for PreschoolersMy Profile

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