Plastic Egg Fine Motor Activity

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I cannot believe that it’s March already! With Easter and Spring right around the corner it’s time to pull out the plastic eggs and have some fine more activity fun!

egg fine motor activity

I love using items that I have had around the house from other craft projects or activities. I honestly cannot remember where I bought the small plastic eggs that were used in this fine motor activity but they are small enough to fit into a mini muffin pan. They do not pop open and are meant more for decoration then egg hunting.

I set out the eggs, a pair of egg tongs saved from a pack of Dudley egg dye, and a mini muffin pan. Next I called Lil’ Red over and the rest was history! He loved using the egg tongs to grab up the mini eggs and drop then into a slot in the mini  muffin pan. What could be simpler then this?

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egg fine motor activity

You could easily extend the activity by counting the eggs, sorting them by color, or trying other fine motor tools like scoops, tweezers, or salad tongs. You could add water to see if they float. Whatever you decide to use or if you decide to keep your fine motor activity simple I am sure your child will have fun!


egg tongs muffin pan

Tools that I used for this activity:

Plastic Mini Egg

Easter Egg Tongs

fine motor tools

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