Simple Coin Sorting Activity for Kids

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Every once in a while I find items that I had forgotten that I had bought a few years earlier for homeschool. Last week I found a coin sorting and money counting workbook that included the plastic coins.

Coin Sorting Activity for Kids

I created a very simple coin sorting activity for kids both Preschool and Kindergarten age. I wanted a simple activity that both Lil’ Red and Big Red could do to learn some simple money concepts, counting, and coin sorting just seemed to be a great place to start.

Coin Sorting Lil' Red

I took some empty fruit cups and wrote the money denominations on each one with a sharpie marker. Then I placed the coin sorting cups on our large plastic grey tray. Lil’ Red saw the activity and had to give it a try. He could easily sort between the copper penny and the silver coins but not so much between the silver coins.



Coin Sorting

Big Red was able to sort the coins much easier. He also discovered our coin set came with half dollars which I had not gotten a fruit cup ready for!

Tools that I used for this activity:

Play Money Coin set OR Play Money: Coins And Bills

Coin Counting Workbook

toy money

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