{Spice Up Your Homeschool} Science: Nature Journals

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{Spice Up Your Homeschool} Series

Got the homeschool blues? Need to spice things up a bit?
Have you been homeschooling for awhile and want to try something new?
Maybe you are new to homeschooling and still trying to figure things out.
If you need a break from your “typical” day or routine then check out
{Spice Up Your Homeschool} for valuable tips and ideas!

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{Spice Up Your Homeschool} Nature Journals

spice up your homeschool nature journals
Add some pizzazz to your science with nature study journals. Grab some paper and colored pencils. Then head outside to see what you can find. You might be surprised what your child finds interesting enough to draw. Talk about what you hear and then what you see or smell.

Wanna be a little more adventurous? Then go on a nature scavenger hunt and check out Bits & Pieces links to a variety of Scavenger Hunt ideas.

Wanna be more creative? Create your own nature journals. Lots of tutorials for nature journals on pinterest. Use recycled materials and you are going green!

More Resources for Nature Journals:

Handbook of Nature Study– free download of 1911 version for pdf, epub, kindle
How to start a Nature Study– from Practical Pages
How to use Handbook of Nature study– from Charlotte Mason Help
One hour Nature Challenge
Notebooking Flickr Group
Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter
Collect leaves- press in large phone book and laminate with contact paper
Leaf or bark rubbing- use old crayons with paper removed
Bird Notebooking Pages  from DIY homschoolers
TONS of Science forms
Nature Noteboking Pages on pinterest via Our Westward Journey
Bees/Butterflies/Wasp Notebooking Pages

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