Stocking Stuffers for All Ages {Top Ten Holiday Lists}

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Stocking Stuffers for All Ages

{Top Ten Holiday Lists}

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday Holiday Lists! Where Stir the Wonder, P is for Preschooler, Powerful Mothering, Makeovers & Motherhood,  Little Bins for Little Hands, Creative World of VaryaMaking Time For Mommy and myself have gotten together to post our Top Ten Holiday gift items. We will be featuring books, games & puzzles, building toys, pretend play, crafting kits, and stocking stuffers. So when you’re finished here check out all the other suggestions for the perfect holiday gift.

stocking stuffers for all ages


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This week we are featuring STOCKING STUFFERS! I think Stocking Stuffers are the greatest gift idea ever! Seriously. It always amazes me at how much you can put into a stocking. I love finding and buying stocking stuffers. I usually buy fun as well as practical items. Some items we have bought in the past was battery operated glow sticks, finger lights, small flashlights, fun school supplies, favorite candy, stretchy gloves, slipper socks, etc.

Our family tradition for stocking’s are the following. Since we don’t do Santa we just fill the stockings with treasures as I buy and wrap them. I sneak things in when the kids are playing outside or at grandma’s house. We almost always buy a “light” item as mentioned above.

Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

play-doh mini tubes

hair pretties- bought or homemade

toothbrush & toothpaste kits- usually spin brush with toothpaste

Lego minifigures


Techie Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

flashdrives/sd cards- easily found cheap during back-to-school sales

touch screen gloves

extra phone or tablet charger

brain teaser games


Ladies Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

candles- tea lights or votives


toothbrush & toothpaste kits


Pet Stocking Stuffers:

chew toys

chew sticks


Baby Stocking Stuffers:

teething toys


small stuffed animals


These are some suggestions for things we usually include in our stockings. Sorry Eldest, Princess, Lil’ Red and Baby C-4 this is NOT  a spoiler post.  You already know about the “usual” items we put into your stockings. Mom and Dad are still working on some surprises.

We also include food items like jerky sticks, big candy bars, mega pack of gum, etc. Those things which are loved but are not always bought on a regular basis. Jumbo candy cane sticks have found their way into stockings before.


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  1. I love that you included pets! You can’t forget the furry members of the family too! 🙂
    Emma @ P is for Preschooler recently posted..Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for PreschoolersMy Profile

  2. ThaleiaMaher says:


    Yes, I couldn’t forget pets. Even though we do not have any right now. This is our first Christmas in 12 years without any:(

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