Let’s Celebrate Breasts- It’s National Breastfeeding Week

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Got your attention didn’t I? As a breastfeeding mom who is now nursing her fourth child I feel I have some thing’s to say about the topic of breastfeeding. Just because you don’t know all about my breastfeeding journey and since this may be my last chance to have a nursling- I wanna go big and celebrate!

national #breastfeeding month

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week and August, the entire month, is National Breastfeeding Month.

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Here are some facts about my time as a breastfeeding mother:

1. I’ve never weaned a child before 12 months.
2. I’ve tandem nursed babies that WERE NOT twins!
3. I pumped for 3 1/2 days exclusively while my firstborn was in the NICU.
4. My babies have never stayed the night away from me while breastfeeding.
5. Our nursling’s accompany mom and dad on dinner dates.
6. I do not drink as much water as I should or take a multivitamin. Working on it!
7. I love full fat coffee creamer, sour cream, and avocados.
8. I have tried and owned more nursing bras then I can count on my fingers and toes!
9. Nursing tops are great IF you get started using them early on in your breastfeeding journey.

I plan to spend the month of August sharing my personal stories, tips & tricks on breastfeeding as well as a guest post or two.
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