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{Spice Up Your Homeschool} History

Have you ever rushed out the door to a field trip and saw something of interest along the way, but didn’t have time to stop? Have you traveled to a new area or visited family and wanted a way to incorporate something educational? Maybe you had to rush home from a field trip and noticed one of these signs:

You can find out where the nearest spots are near you by checking out: The Historical Marker Database. This website not only lists markers for the USA but other countries as well. If you know of a new marker near you, then please contact them with pictures and description including GPS coordinates. I’m sure they would love current information.

I have to admit we did this yesterday. Getting ready for the field trip I didn’t even think to look up the historical markers along the way. I even KNEW about the ones we’d see if we took a certain route home. So we went whizzing by at 55 mph with our new tadpole, Tom, rushing home to get him into his bowl:) Eldest and Princess were very excited and worried so we headed straight home!

I was quietly bummed that we missed a great impromptu History lesson along the way home. Do not be like me:) Check your route or your hometown even for Historical Markers. (Our town has 26 markers listed!)Make sure to bring your camera and Flat-Stanley’s if you have them!

What have you done to spice you your homeschool?

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2 Responses to {Spice Up Your Homeschool} Historical Markers

  1. Thanks for the info! Checking your site out from Blogelina! Ohio has lot of different places to learn from. Have you been up in Put-in-bay at the Perry monument?
    Jacqueline Diaz recently posted..Blogger Sign Ups: $500 cash for the holidays!My Profile

  2. Karri Reiser says:

    What a great website, Thank you for sharing at my Our Favorite Things Link Party. I’ve had the desire to visit very historical site in California. This will be a great resource for me.
    Karri Reiser recently posted..Our Favorite Things Link Party #20My Profile

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