Building Toys for Boys and Girls {Top Ten Holiday Lists}

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 Building Toys for Boys and Girls

{Top Ten Holiday Lists}

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Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday Holiday Lists! Where Stir the Wonder, P is for Preschooler, Powerful Mothering, Makeovers & Motherhood, Creative World of Varya,  Little Bins for Little Hands, Making Time for Mommy and myself have gotten together to post our Top Ten Holiday gift items. We will be featuring books, games & puzzles, building toys, pretend play, crafting kits, and stocking stuffers. So when you’re finished here check out all the other suggestions for the perfect holiday gift.

building toys Collage

This week we are featuring BUILDING TOYS! Oh, boy!  I am familiar with building toys from blocks to LEGO’s to Tinker Toys. I will be featuring building toys for boys and girls. Yes, both the famous and not so famous building toys will be explored this week. Now I have three builders who favorite mostly LEGO but not entirely. We have a variety of building toys that were actually forgotten about until getting ready for this post. I am quite amazed at what we have tucked away on the back porch. These toys will be great for the cold and rainy days that lay ahead.


Lego Friends House for Girls

LEGO’s are the MAIN building and construction toy in our house. We have an abundance of LEGO’s. Eldest started out with a handful of DUPLO‘s as a tiny tot and then a small tub of his dad’s. Then he was given a few sets for birthday’s and Christmas’. A friend of ours was getting married and offered us a box of his old LEGO’s. Next thing we know we are obsessed and over run with these things, lol. They do provide hours upon hours on entertainment for Eldest, Princess, and Lil’ Red!

Princess owns a couple Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s sets as well as Olivia’s House (pictured above) from the LEGO Friends collection. She likes to build and play along with the boys.



K-Nex offers a variety of kits from regular building to complex battery powered inventions. We own a simple set that just gives a kid a taste of what K-Nex can really do. These pieces are often found mixed with LEGO sets or creations that Eldest puts together for his stop motion videos.



Magnetix are a magnetic building toy that can provide a fun and unique building experience. I first discovered these on 1+1+1=1 and searched all Summer last year to find them. I did find them for a ridiculously low price still in the box. My sister also found a set so we have quite the collection. These are not brought out very often since we treasure our electronics and the health of our little ones. (magnets can be very dangerous if swallowed!)


Thomas the Train and Wooden Track:

Thomas Train Collage

Thomas the Train Wooden Set has gotten a lot of mileage from Lil’ Red. We bought our first starter set when Eldest and Princess were little and we did the “Day out with Thomas” event.  Thomas was never super big in our house although I did manage to send away for some promo pieces than Yumster yogurt put on which saved us a ton of money on the actual train cars.


ello Creation System:

ello creation system

Ello Creation System which we happen to have been given from some friends who were cleaning out all their children’s old toys. I cannot believe how pricey these little sets are. Totally outrageous and something we would NEVER purchase at the prices seen on Amazon. My daughter does enjoy playing with this set, though.


Snap Circuits Jr.:

Snap Circuits Jr

Snap Circuits were introduced to our family this Summer. Eldest participated in an Aviation Camp and one of the other campers brought a Snap Circuit set to show. I am amazed at the versatility of this product and the low starting cost.


Lincoln Logs:

Fun to Play Lincoln Logs Collage

We have my husband’s set of Lincoln Logs that he built with as a kid. We keep them tucked away on the back porch for a rainy or super cold day. We decided to bring them out last month and they were “brand new” to Lil’ Red. Both hubby and Eldest helped to build a basic log cabin. I found quite a few new sets online that had specialty pieces or you can still buy the basic starter set.


Tinker Toys:

Fun with tinker toys Collage
I remember playing with Tinker Toys as a child. My parents still have them tucked away in a plastic tub in their playroom. We have some bits and pieces from my husband’s set. Tinker Toys are great for a Tot Tray or Busy Bag as long as you do not have young children or animals in your family that might swallow or chew on the pieces!

Wooden Blocks and Foam Blocks:

We have no less than three different sets of wooden blocks. We have my husband’s old set that came with the plastic tray wagon with the letters and numbers on them. We have small block that are plastic that would create six different pictures. We have small set of solid wooden blocks that are primary colors. My sister bought us a set of foam blocks with letters and numbers on it for Lil’ Red to play with while learning his letters and numbers.

top ten holiday lists dates building


I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the building toys that we own and that my children play with. If you have any questions about buying for a school-aged child please let me know. I know Eldest and Princess would be more than willing to help you find a great gift for any child.

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4 Responses to Building Toys for Boys and Girls {Top Ten Holiday Lists}

  1. These are great suggestions! We got a set of Lincoln Logs at the thrift store and we both like them!
    Emma @ P is for Preschooler recently posted..Top 10 Building Toys for PreschoolersMy Profile

  2. Varya @ CWOV says:

    You have a very unique list! Love it
    Varya @ CWOV recently posted..Top 10 Building Toys From Our ChildhoodMy Profile

  3. ThaleiaMaher says:

    Thanks! We ran out of time taking pics of all the building things that we own, but my kids are always creating something.

  4. ThaleiaMaher says:

    I’m thinking we need to keep an eye out for some more “old” wooden ones to add to our collection in order to build more things.

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